Newton's inappropriate relationship

Can a Newton say "One True Thing"?
Yes, for those of you who have Apple's unreleased macintalk on it
(I am not authorized to release it here).
Inform yourselves by hearing your Newton recite a balancing White
House statement claiming the ic's abuse of power.
I have downloaded the White House rebuttal of the Kennith Star IC
report. Using macintalk on my macintosh, I was able to get through all the
legalese while doing morning ablutions, to try to get a fair idea of what
is going on rather than just run frightened and hiding with the herd.
Using Jon Wind's add/strip, I've taken the White House rebuttal and
removed linefeeds within paragraphs to make the soft word wrapped
specification of a macintosh paragraph. I indented each paragraph, as well.
As far as I know, elsewise it is verbatim. I've translated it to a newton
paperback book, an idea invented by David Fedor.
My application requires an ad for crypto which I chose to have the
paperback run code on it. This is in memory of the director of Hudson
(think tank) Institute who wrote in some singles magazine in the 60's that
a crucial bullwark of American individuality was ------- privacy. I do this
because I would hope that our future leaders would dare to be individuals
with not merely a public facade.
I've enclosed a newton freeware application I made which will read
paperback books.
My application will backtrack paragraphs, read paragraphs at a
time, and read the whole thing. It also has a button to save your place
where last you had it read to you. The button to read a paragraph is very
big, so you can listen to it in the dark, perhaps under the stars to put
all rants in the cosmic perspective of "One True Thing" ... .

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