BanzaiSlider (never say newton is lost!)

Abstracts from files in info-mac/nwt/app as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

(newton gps navigation talking moving map slides)
Newton is not dead, just lost and bought back by Apple. Find your
own way with BanzaiSlider!
This version replaces Bonzai and Banzai4800 and the first version
of BanzaiSlider.
The old BanzaiSlider version had more of the feel of sliding the
maps as if they were huge virtual screens that you could zoom in and out of
under the newton window (see BanzaiReader). Another new feature, unlimited
zoomout with newton press pict books.
The current version of BanzaiSlider has a map turnoff button to
allow you to see ETA's (now corrected to your time zone). The zoom slider
control is placed for compatibility to older mp120 and mp130.
Compatible with Garmin II and III (set at 4800 baud and with NMEA
sentence filter) as well as Scoutmaster GPS (just set Scoutmaster's
baudrate at 4800).
Rich Drinkard, a beta tester, made some suggestions on activity
sounds and map display and so that is improved. He also requested the
unlimited zoomout. Evidentally his 28meg flashcard on a mp2100 could hold a
very large map to find his way around. I believe we are going to see bigger
than 4 meg flashcards officially supported by apple on the mp2100.
Rich Drinkard reported me experiments that tripmate does speak NMEA
sentences! So, I shall be working on a version for it!
I am working on a mp100 Garmin II III and Scoutmaster version with
limited features.

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