Life 1.4 (game of Life for Newton)

Keywords: Life, mathematics, cellular automata, simulation, Conway, Newt, source

Recent changes [Life 1.4] (1/1/96):
- NOS 2.0 compatible
- integrates 6 display/speed options (selectable via "method" picker):
2 different representations: array or bitmap
3 different styles: object-oriented, inline, native(RISC) code
- adds "gen" picker for disabling gen# update or doing timing
- line gesture to fill area, scrub gesture to erase area
- created with Newt Development Environment
- includes Newt source

- life14.pkg -- a ready-to-install package (created by Newt)
- life.nwt -- Newt source (if you'd like to modify/rebuild app)
- life.bit -- Life icon
- life.txt -- general introduction, description of implementation

Life is freeware and may be distributed freely as long as all of the files
listed are included and unmodified. You are free to make modifications for
your own use.

If you would like to construct and modify Life directly on your Newton, I
would recommend obtaining the latest version of "Newt" (newt-devenv-32), the
native Newton development environment (shareware), and "Slurpee" (slurpee-17)
a text/data transfer utility (freeware) from your favorite Newton
server/archive. Contact me (see email addresses at end) if you have trouble
finding Newt, using it initially, or have questions about registering it.

Steve Weyer
America Online/eWorld/NewtonMail: SteveWeyer
Compuserve: 74603,2051

Path: /www/exparrot/

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