NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt turtle tutorial)

NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt Turtle Tutorial) is an interactive tutorial (Newton book)
that will show how you can program in NewtonScript with turtle-style
graphics directly on your Newton using Newt. There is also a related book
-- NewtATut (Newt Application Tutorial) -- that shows how you can develop
an application with buttons, fields and other interface objects in
NewtonScript and save it as a package using Newt.

Keywords: tutorial, Newt, object-oriented programming, NewtonScript,
learning, graphics, mathematics, Logo

Changes in 1.4 (24 Nov 96)
- updated to work with Newt 3.3
- book created with Newt's Cape 1.3; package compressed

NewtTurT -- the book -- is freeware. "Newt" -- the native programming
environment for developing applications and doing graphical programming --
is shareware. Newt is not required to use this book, nor must it be
registered to try NewtTurT. If you have Newt installed on your Newton, you
can try the examples as you read. (You should be able to find Newt on the
same server/service where you found this book, under a Newton application or
development directory, with a name similar to newt-devenv-33.sit.hqx or
newt33.sit). This version of NewtTurT works with Newt version 3.3 (and
greater). It requires the NewtDraw plug-in to be installed.

Steve Weyer
America Online: SteveWeyer
Compuserve: 74603,2051

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