Newton Book Troubleshooting 101

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This Newton package / book is intended to help you troubleshoot your
Macintosh computer if it bombs or freezes under System 7.0 through 7.5.3.
It won't help you with a "Sad Mac" on startup problem, won't bring back a
trashed file, and it won't make your boss give you a raise, but it just
might bail you out of a bad situation. This is written with a Macintosh
novice in mind but contains useful information for all levels of Macintosh

This Newton package / book is very closely based on the Troubleshooting 101
DA for the Macintosh by the same author. The Macintosh DA was initially
written for MacMagazine at and
was later distributed to the DDB Needham agency in Dallas. It is a thorough
10-step procedure and contains numbers for some major support companies.

This Newton package / book is provided FREE to anyone who wants it. This
Newton package / book may NOT BE SOLD. However, it may be copied and put on
any Newton or be included with any package of hardware or software so long
as Angel I am notified at the address below (b) the contents of this Newton
package / book are not altered in any way.

To contact the author of this TroubleShooting Newton package / book, send
E-Mail to

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