About "i++" - English version (OS2.x only)
This is the English version of i++ that seamlessly integrates in OS2.
With i++ you can open packages, rotate the screen, change default store,
show a system info (includes garbage collection) and many other
actions... from every OS2-i-button. The mayor improvements since i++
V1.30 are:
- support of sub-menus
- accessing recently used packages (if they had been selected with i++)
- and new special actions and MP2000 button bar buttons.

NOTES about using i++ and SCROLLMENUS
- If you are a user of ScrollMenus please RESET your Newton after
installing i++ V1.4
- If you use ScrollMenus 3 as included in DateMan, MoreFolders and maybe
other SAI-packages and experience incompatibilities please contact
StandAlone for an updated version which should be available by now (sorry
- there is nothing I can do about this problem).

Shareware US$10 by Thorsten Lange

Path: /www/exparrot/

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