PDA Package Downloader 1.5

Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 00:43:29 +0100

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, May 5, 1994 - Lunatech Research announced the
immediate release of the "PDA Package Downloader 1.5" for Apple Computer's
family of Newton and Macintosh products. The "PDA Package Downloader 1.5"
(PPD) is the follow-up to the successful "Newton Package Downloader 1.0"

The PPD is a simple utility which allows the user to download Newton
Packages or Newton Updates from a Macintosh into a Newton. PPD now supports
serial connections, as well as AppleTalk, between a Macintosh and a Newton.
Further, PPD offers "background listening" operation: it will remain in the
background, silently listening for connections initiated by the Newton.

Some features in short:
- Drag and Drop installing of Newton Packages and Newton Updates;
- Support for AppleTalk and serial connections;
- Works in the background;
- No need to activate, will listen for connections all the time;
- Requires a minimum of disk and memory space;
- Will run on any Macintosh equipped with System 7 (or higher);
- Documentation in a stand-alone application.

The "PDA Package Downloader 1.5" is $20 shareware for one user. This small
fee encourages us to continue the development of PPD and other affordable
shareware utilities for the Newton. PPD licenses are also available.

PPD 1.5 will be available shortly through the newton.uiowa.edu, sumex-aim,
umich archives, compuserve, applelink, and other online services.

Peter Kaas (email: kaas@knoware.nl)
Lunatech Research

disclaimers: Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple
Computer, Inc. Newton and the Newton logo are registered trademarks of
Apple Computer, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer,
Inc. Lunatech and the Lunatech logo are trademarks of Lunatech Research.

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