PopExtras 2.0

What is PopExtras?
PopExtras consists of two parts, the first being a button which
is attached to the status bar of the background application (eg
Notepad). Tapping this button will present you with a pop-up menu
containing a user definable list of apps installed on the Newton.
Tapping an app name will open that app! The second part of PopExtras is
the utility that is used to select which apps will be displayed in the
popup button. This utility consists of a scrolling list which contains
the apps installed on the Newton. Tapping on an item in the list will
place a check to the left of the app name, tapping again will remove the
check. Simple. There is also a Clear button which will uncheck all
items. Next to the Clear button is an Open button which can be used to
open the selected app (whether it is checked or not). Checking and
unchecking items will be immediately reflected in the popup menu (only
visible if you close the Extras Drawer after opening PopExtras).

Some Important Information
PopExtras will create a union soup called

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