TimeStamp - Insert time/date anywhere on Newton

Time Stamp allows you to insert the date and or time into any text field in the

Newton. It replaces the standard popup menu of punctuation characters with one

that includes two new new icons, one which inserts the date and one which inserts the time.

There is a Preference panel added to the "Prefs" application (this can be found

in the "Setup" folder in the Extras drawer). This panel will let you choose

which date and time format you prefer.

Time Stamp is free but all rights are reserved by Scott Jenson. It can also be

freely distributed as long as this read me file is included with the

TimeStamp.pkg file.

If you use it, please feed the programmer: send him email at jenson@apple.com

Don't worry, bugs and comments accepted equally.

TimeStamp only works on Newton 2.0 or later.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/nwt/util/time-stamp.hqx

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