A FREE electronic newsletter by Corbett Enders & Chris Stevens, co-editors.

Apples BC E-News is the Official Electronic Newsletter of the Apples BC
Computer Society.

In This Issue
* Around Vancouver
- The Abbotsford International Airshow
* Photoshop Tips
* The Imagination Works
- Clip Art, Ya come a long way baby!
* The Techno File
- L2 Cache explained
* Millard's Mac Musings
- Info-Mac Web Site
- System 7.5.3 Revision 2
- ClarisWorks 4.0v4 Updaters
- Web Sightings
- Wise Saying Du Mois
* Random Thoughts
* SimpleCard
* How I trashed my ego in the UK
* Letters to the Editors

We are proud to offer you an electronic version which is similar to our
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E-News is created with DocMaker, and requires no 'viewer' software as it is
a self running application for the Mac. Colour graphics and interesting
articles will hopefully inspire other contributors. Send your comments,
Letters to the Editor, and Contributions to enews@applesbc.bc.ca or any
other e-mail address listed below.

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