E-News 96.12


A FREE electronic newsletter by Corbett Enders & Chris Stevens, co-editors.

In This Issue
* Not Reachable Online
* Millard's Mac Musings
- A Note on last month's column
- A Newton For Wellington
- UnZIP'ed
- RAM Doubler 2.0
- Web Musing
* The Techno File
- Open Transport
* Photoshop Tips
* The IAQ File
- Who Needs FM Pro When There is Claris Works?
* PowerCenter 150
* Ways of Promoting a Creative Mindset Using E-Mail
* Letters to the Editors

Apples BC E-News is the Official Electronic Newsletter of the Apples BC
Computer Society.

We are proud to offer you an electronic version which is similar to our
'paper' newsletter which only our Membership receives. You too can become a
member of Apples BC Computer Society. See the details inside E-News.

E-News is created with DocMaker, and requires no 'viewer' software as it is
a self running application for the Mac. Colour graphics and interesting
articles will hopefully inspire other contributors.

The attached file is a Stuffit archive. You will need Stuffit Expander or
another Stuffit compression utility to extract it.

If you'd like to receive E-News on a monthly basis, we can deliver it right
you your mailbox.
Internet: send your request to enews@applesbc.bc.ca

E-News may be uploaded to ANY on-line system.

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