MacAssistant Tips 12-95

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This is the latest issue of the hot new international newsletter
"MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial". If you are looking for ways to use your
Mac more effectively, you need to download this one. If you are tired of
wading through all the reviews of software that you will probably never
use, the MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial Newsletter will not disappoint
you. Each issue is packed with useful information that the majority of
people can actually use.

The MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial Newsletter only has tips and tutorials
plus an occasional puzzle. I do not do reviews in this newsletter. While
reviews are useful, I feel that a newsletter that actually tells you how
to use your your Mac more effectively is much more useful to the novice
and intermediate users. Each issue includes many tips about using your
Mac. The tutorials are accompanied by graphics that help to understand
the article. This is a shareware product that has even more information
and tips for those that register. This is a short, fascinating download
well worth the time. The tutorial article is available to subscribers

This newsletter is distributed as a Docmaker application. NO other
software is needed.

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