01-96 MacAssist Tips/Tutorial

This is the latest issue of the hot new newsletter "MacAssistant Tips and

This month the newsletter has been upgraded to DocMaker 4.5.2. This new
release of the famous document software from Mark Walls of Green Mountain
Software has given me the ability to add some new features to this
newsletter. Since there have been many changes to the newsletter this
month, I have distributed this full issue to all normal sites where my
shareware versions are located.

New to this issue are hot links via NetScape to some critical Macintsoh
Web Sites and new software releases from various sources. This feature is
mainly intended for those people that have full internet accounts.
However, there are some very useful URL's for those that do not have
separate internet accounts. You can manually type these into your browser.

The MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial Newsletter only has tips and tutorials
plus an occasional puzzle. I do not do reviews in this newsletter. While
reviews are useful, I feel that a newsletter that actually tells you how
to use your your Mac more effectively is much more useful to the novice
and intermediate users. It includes many tips about using your Mac and
even a puzzle when you need to take a break. The tutorials are
accompanied by graphics that help to understand the article. This is a
shareware product that has even more information and tips for those that
register. This issue has a fasinating article on Working with Fonts. This
article will explain to you the differences in the various types of Fonts
currently available . This is a short, fascinating download well worth
the time. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Steve Mack
MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial

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