09-97 MacAssistant Tips

This is the September issue of the MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial. Over the last two years we have covered many topics relating to becoming more productive with your Mac. Also, literally hundreds of tips have been published to assist our members. Some of the other benefits of the newsletter are:

- This month's tutorial was Using The Scrapbook
- Included is a special tutorial on using Quicknote
- Also included this month is a MacTalk highlights article
- Membership in the private MacTalk Mailing List
- Membership in the MacAssistant Online User Group
- Great offers and discounts on hardware and software
- OneClick Tutorial on Editing Icons written by Mark Brooks of WestCode Software
- Special pricing for User Group Newsletter Editors
- Members favorite web sites
- MacAssistant Web Site located at:

Past tutorials have included Clarisworks, Launcher, Arranging your Hard Disk, Formatting of Hard Disks, Fonts, Apple Menu Options, The Black Art of SCSI and many more.

Future tutorials will include Mac OS8, Setting up a network at home, Using PlainTalk, Hard Disk Partitioning, Claris Emailer, and others at members requests.

The MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial Newsletter only has tips and tutorials. I do not do reviews in this newsletter. While reviews are useful, I feel that a newsletter that actually tells you how to use your Mac more effectively is much more useful to the novice and intermediate users. Each issue includes many tips about using your Mac. The tutorials are accompanied by graphics that help to understand the article. This is a shareware product that has even more information for those that register. This month's tutorial article is available to subscribers only.

This newsletter is distributed as a DocMaker application. No other software is needed.

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