MacSense January 1996 BW

1996 is just around the corner! Before you make any New Year's resolutions, be sure to download this 225k package full of the best in news, views and reviews!

SYSTEM UPDATE 2.0! MacSense has got the facts on Apple's new system update and its delivery date! January's issue also brings news of a young microprocessor manufacturer which intends to triple the performance of the PowerPC. Learn about Apple's new QuickTime Live! Read all about Connectix's new Speed Doubler update. Find out where to get a demo of Adobe PageMill. Enjoy an interview with Tom Bender, shareware author of Tex-Edit Plus. Get started with HTML. Discover the current state of war gaming. Laugh aloud at four side-splitting Tech Support Tales. Learn about the shortcomings of SPEC ratings, the problem with ClarisWorks' new updater, and exactly how notebook displays work. Enjoy a review of Retrospect 3.0, Intellihance 2.0 and MARATHON 2: DURANDAL. The Game Warden invites you to ponder the value and superiority of dedicated video games systems. And, finally, Jim Hines explores the uncertainty of our technological future...

MacSense: The Macintosh

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