MacSense July 1996. Volume 3, Issue 5.

It's July! And here in the northern hemisphere, it's begun to get hot. So
too is this month's MacSense! In July's issue, you'll learn about Apple's
planned limited edition 20th anniversary Macintosh, MacOS 7.5.3 Revision 2
for PowerBooks and PCI Macs, the new LaserWriter 12/640PS and RAM Doubler
1.6.2a. Did you know about ResEdit 3, LaserWriter 8.4 or Netscape 4? Read
all about it in our new occasional section entitled "In the Pipeline!" Also
in this issue: Jim Hines considers the prevalence of URLs in advertising;
The Game Warden speaks lovingly of E3; Cerebreality considers the demise of
Gen X and the subsequent generational title; and Chris McVeigh pops the
glossy media bubble surrounding the Pippin platform.

MacSense: The Macintosh

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