CrystalDiffract 3.0.5 - free scientific software

Title: CrystalDiffract 3.0.5 (powder diffraction software)
Filename: crystal-diffract-305.hqx
For folder: math-sci
Keywords: science, crystallography, chemistry, geology, physics, diffraction
Requires: PowerPC processor, 12MB RAM, System 7.0 or later


CrystalDiffract is a program to simulate x-ray or neutron powder
diffraction patterns - and to analyse and measure the results.
CrystalDiffract acts as your desktop diffractometer, providing
control over many experimental parameters - and is ideal for learning
about diffraction, as well as for experienced researchers needing to
understand their experimental data.

CrystalDiffract is provided here in the free "Limited Edition" version.

Providing that you include the version number in the archive
filename, you are very welcome to include this file on your
commercially-available CD-ROMs.

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