EcoMunch 1.0

EcoMunch is a simple predator-prey simulation based on semi-random
cellular-automata critters that munch on each other. Ecomunch displays a
fascinating graphical view of a marine world with four species of critters that
swim about, multiply, eat, and (sometimes) starve. Simple graphical interface
lets you create your own worlds by adjusting how quickly each specie multiplies,
needs to eat, and where it is allowed to swim.

System Requirements: PowerPC Macintosh, at least 256 colors, 2MB of free
memory, and MacOS 7.5 or later.

Ages: 5 to adult.

Distribution: EcoMunch 1.0 is freeware. See documentation for terms.

Author: Arch D. Robison
1406 Country Lake Drive
Champaign IL 61821

Path: /www/exparrot/

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