GLMStat 5.7.5;Generalized linear models

GLMStat is a Macintosh-based statistical program for analysing
generalised linear models. It provides a macintosh interface and
includes many of the features of other programs. Features of GLMStat

- spreadsheet style data entry
- factors may be represented as either integers or strings (categories)
- Normal, Poisson, Binomial and Gamma models with appropriate links
and specification of convergence and aliasing parameters
- Scatter and Residual plots
- Matrix scatterplots
- Box and Whisker plots
- Frequency distribution histograms
- Descriptive statistics.
- Output of deviance, parameter estimates, residuals and parameter
- Saving of data files complete with all model specifications.
- printing of data, graph and results.
- Missing values
- Online Help (under the apple menu) and a brief User Manual.
- Transcript window to display output of previous commands
- almost fully Applescriptable and recordable with access to some
data structures
- includes example data files for most examples in two of the texts.
- Individual licences available for $US25. Site licences $US200.
World site licence $US500. Plus taxes in European Union. Payment in
$US through Kagi Shareware.
- Registration includes free upgrades to version 6.x

Unregistered copies are fully functional except that Save and Save As
and copying of graphs and results are disabled.

Version 5.7.4
- added calculation of R to Test command
- added linear regression example

This is a free upgrade to all GLMStat registrations.

Current versions of GLMStat are always available at

Ken Beath

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