Newton's Aquarium 1.0 Demo 68K: A Solar System Constructio

Kingston, Ontario, 3-Mar-1998--Eureka Software Inc. ( today
released Newton's Aquarium: A Solar System Construction Set 1.0 for Mac
OS. This initial release comes after nearly a year of research and
development. Company officials indicate that Newton's Aquarium is the
first in a new line of educational physics products to come.

Newton's Aquarium is an interactive physics package that helps students
visualize and understand Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. While
building and exploring their own solar systems, students are exposed to
many of the core concepts in kinematics. Newton's Aquarium was designed
for use in senior high school and college physics courses.

* Interactive real time n-body simulation
* Display of velocity, acceleration and force vectors
* Centre of mass and conservation of momentum
* Variable G and distance exponent
* Real units (mks)
* Cut, copy & paste, export to picture file and print
* Toolbars
* Number of universe documents limited only by memory
* Sample universes and stationery pads included
* Complete balloon help for all menu and dialog items

* Mac OS 7.0 (or later)
* 4 megs free memory preferred (2 megs minimum)
* 68040 or PowerPC strongly suggested

During the last few months of development, physics teachers from across
North America, Europe and Australia were invited to test and review
Newton's Aquarium. Tom Barta, Contributing Editor for MacNow Maganize, had
this to say "The interface was elegant and intuitive, and all the features
I tried worked. Actually, I loved it. It will make Newton's laws real for
people." Tom also holds a Ph. D. in organic chemistry.

Pricing for Newton's Aquarium starts at US$100 for a single school copy and
US$20 for subsequent copies. School site licences are available for US$400
and larger licensing can be negotiated. A student edition is also
available for US$28. A free feature-reduced demo can be downloaded from
Eureka's web site ( for evaluation.

Eureka was established in 1994 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada to create
interactive software products that help students visualize and understand
abstract scientific concepts. Eureka's products are now used in more than
a dozen countries world-wide.

Eureka Software Inc., 110 Bagot Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3E5
Voice: (613) 546-4818, E-mail:, Web:

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