spice-3f4-176 Analog Circuit Simulator

Spice is an analog circuit simulation program. Version 1.7.6 is based on
the University of California at Berkeley Spice version 3f4 . Circuit
descriptions are entered as a Spice netlist with any text editor and then
analyzed with the Spice program. The program can perform AC, DC,
Transient, Pole-Zero, Sensitivity, Transfer, Noise and Distortion
analysis. Commands are entered into a text based command shell [O.K., it
is not very Macintosh like but it preserves the original flavor and power]
that allows both graphical plotting to the screen and printing. This
release contains bug fixes from version 1.5 including:

- fixed heap bug that would modify some "defines" after use
- fixed heap bug with "sens" analysis
- fixed bug in "sens" printf()
- fixed heap bug with "alter" command
- fixed variable substitution problem
- fixed heap bug with "disto" analysis
- improved heap management (AC DEC 500 1 1MEG now works)
- improved executation speed on PowerPC

Two CPU versions are included. One for the 68K that requires an FPU, the
other for the PowerPC. Both versions should work on any MacOS greater
than System 7.1. This is a large program and large circuits can consume
large amounts of RAM. The minimum RAM required is 1536K, although much
more is recommended.

This program may be freely redistributed on a not-for-profit basis as long
as all references to the University of California at Berkeley remain
intact. It also may be included on commercially available CD-ROM versions
of the archives as long as only a nominal media fee is charged.

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