QuickTTest 1.8

QuickTTest is a statistical programme for carrying out Student's t-test
and calculating means, SDs, and SEMs. Its main advantage over other
programmes is the ability to enter data on which to carry out the t-test
not only as individual values but also as previously calculated mean SD
or mean SEM.

Version 1.8 corrects an error in the way in which QuickTTest carries out
a preliminary comparison (F-test) of the variances of samples to be
tested in order to decide whether to use the approximate t-test. This
version should replace the previously submitted version (QuickTTest 1.7)
in the archives. (The most appropriate Directory is the Statistics
directory (not the Calculator directory in which QuickTTest 1.7 was

The programme runs on any Mac using any System up to and including
System 9.1.

QuickTTest 1.8 is freeware.

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