ChunkJoiner 2.2; concatenates files

ChunkJoiner lets you join (concatenate) a group of documents into a single
piece. To use it, simply select the documents you want to join, and
drag&drop the entire group on top of the ChunkJoiner icon.

The purpose of the software is to concatenate:
- binary files previously split, perhaps on a non-Macintosh computer;
- plain text documents (the options mostly apply to this case);
- HTML documents;
- RTF files (this works only sometimes).

For more info, check out the ChunkJoiner web page:

ChunkJoiner works on any Macintosh, but it **requires** System 7 or later.

New since version 2.1.x:

- Reorganized the File menu
- Can insert the source documents' names into the joined document
- Added Ignore Case option for searching
- Can use the InternetConfig extensions mapping database
to appropriately set the icon of the joined doc
- Linked with MoreFiles 1.4.6 & InternetConfig 1.4 glue
- Minor tweaks and fixes
- Updated the docs

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