ClippingNamer 1.0.3

Finder clippings are a wonderful idea that most people don't use because
they're such a pain to deal with. Ever tried to find the right clipping
among a bunch of "Text Clipping 1", "Text Clipping 2", etc? It's not too
bad with one clipping, but more than a couple leads to long sessions in
the Finder assigning useful names, wasting the time you saved.

ClippingNamer helps you manage clippings. Without leaving your current
program, you can:
* Automatically assign a new name based on the (text) clipping contents.
* Automatically create a thumbnail image (icon) for picture clippings.
* Popup a dialog that lets you see both ClippingNamer's and the Finder's
suggested names, and use either one or a new name you type.

You can set any of these modes (or none) as the default, and invoke any
of the others with modifier keys (completely customizable). There are
several other convenience options as well.

UPDATE: Version 1.0.2 fixes a small bug that could cause the dialog to
appear when dragging data within the same program (not to the Finder).
Also, invented file names that contain return characters are now handled
correctly, dragging stuff to the Trash works, and various cosmetic
improvements to the dialogs are in place.

ClippingNamer is $10 shareware. See
for this and other shareware
products. Contact the author at

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