ComparaDocs Lite Demo

ComparaDocs compares documents with each other and generates a
comparison report in web browser format (HTML) showing all changes made to
the selected documents. ComparaDocs reports not only all phrases inserted
or deleted but also any phrases that were moved. ComparaDocs is useful
both for redlining the revisions to drafts of a single document, and for
extracting the similarities between different documents.

ComparaDocs Lite is a disabled version of ComparaDocs Pro.
ComparaDocs Pro features advanced and customizable report viewing, support
for all major word processing and document formats, native execution and
integration, plus speed enhancements and additional intelligent-components
in the comparison algorithm.

For information on obtaining ComparaDocs Pro or a registered copy
of ComparaDocs Lite, visit our website
or email us at .

ComparaDocs Lite requires the MacOS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.0. A
color display and at least 16 MB of RAM are recommended.

Author: Michael D Kim

Path: /www/exparrot/

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