Word 5.1a patch

This patch for Microsoft Word 5.1a removes the 'System memory too low'
problem that the program may exhibit when running on system software
versions 7.5.3 and greater. Because of the way new system software
allocates system memory, the application erroneously believes there will
not be enough system memory for it to function properly. This patch
cancels that check. There should be no adverse effects from applying
this patch.

The patched file version will be changed to 5.1A (uppercase 'a') as a
visual clue for future reference. This patcher application will not make
a copy of the Microsoft Word file that it patches, so you should already
have made any necessary copies.

This patch is not official nor in any way sanctioned by Microsoft
Corporation. Responsibility for results of using this patch rests solely
with the person applying the patch.

Ron Crans

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