NetStripper v4.0

NetStripper v4.0 is the latest version of the NetStripper text converter
utility. Over 300 to 400% faster than any previous version, the new version
supports all the translation modes of the earlier versions. In addition, it
has enhanced AppleScript support, the ability to receive drops of folders
as well as files, a menu command to select a folder for conversion, and
also a new preference - the notification sound - that allows the user to
record a sound that can be played when all translations have finished.

NetStripper v4.0 supports the DOS/Unix to Mac, Mac to DOS, Mac to Unix and
CR Strip modes. As usual the carriage return strip can either remove single
carriage returns while converting double carriage returns to singles, or
can remove single carriage returns while leaving double carriage returns in

NetStripper v4.0 is a FAT binary, which means it runs at optimal speeds on
all MacOS computers, from Apple's Macintosh SE to the latest Power
Computing and similar clones. It has been tested with System software from
System 7.0 to 7.5.5 and works without problems on all versions, although
for versions earlier than System 7.5 you will need to install Apple's
Thread Manager extension (included in the package).

NetStripper v4.0 is shareware, priced at US$10 or

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