NoReturn 1.1

NoReturn is a droplet that converts unix return chars (0x0A) to Mac
returns (0x0D). It's very useful for converting text files downloaded
from Unix systems and it's much faster than large text processing
applications for this purpose. The programme is designed for speed, the
only concession to aesthetics being the provision of a progress bar. To
use NoReturn, simply drop a file (or files) on the NoReturn icon. If you
click the abort button, hit the escape key or command-dot while a file is
being processed, the file will be left untouched. Double clicking the
NoReturn icon gets you the Standard File open dialog, which you can use
to select a file for processing.

NoReturn 1.1 is Freeware, must be distributed unaltered and must not be
distributed for profit without prior arrangement with the author.

What's new in 1.1:

Fixed a bug which would prevent NoReturn from quitting in certain

Provided an abort button and functionality to respond to escape key and
command-dot hits. This costs about 2 seconds when processing a 1 meg file
on my 7200/120.

(c) 1997 Tony Grimwood

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