NotePad Deluxe 2.1.3 Carbon - Exclusive notepad with many features

NotePad Deluxe 2.1.3 (Carbon version)

NotePad Deluxe is a fast, powerful, multi-purpose notepad for Macintosh.
Features include a page browser with extensive drag and drop, find with
replace, local/global text formats, quick-find, labels, lock, built-in
encryption (Blowfish), context menus, a useful tab ruler with real tabs,
a floating database palette, spell checking through the Word Services
system, and web links.

Yet the interface is user-friendly and carefully polished.

New in version 2.1.3:
- First release of OSX Carbon version
- New and improved background textures
- Printing bug (Error -192, resNotFound) fixed
- Exporting files with filenames starting with "." now works
- Watch cursor no longer flickers when exporting
- Minimize state conflict with window layer ordering fixed
- Now remembers texture setting when entering Preferences
- Open from context menu now displays content properly
- Filename length conflict with drag and drop fixed
- Now possible to drag notes to printer icon
- Topic movement bug fixed
- New modifier key for Smaller/Larger command

Distribution: Shareware $25

System Requirements:
MacOS X (public beta not supported)
System 7.5 or later for the PPC/68k versions

Copyright 1996-2001 Ibrium HB

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