PowerSnip 1.0

PowerSnip is an application designed to capture, store, search, print
and export "Text Snippets". The main emphasis is on ease of use, fast
search and flexible output options. Snippets of up to 32k(currently)
plain text can easily be stored with a Description and Keywords, all of
which can be searched for content.
Snippets can be added from within PowerSnip or through a supplied
Contextual Menu module which allows text to be selected in applications
such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, BBEdit and other
applications that support contextual menus and added directly to a
selected Snippet Database.
Text documents can be imported and snippets exported as text.You can
select which snippets to export based on search criteria or export all
snippets from a database. PowerSnip supports multiple snippet databases.
The search feature searches all contents, Text, Keywords and
description and displays the matching entries immediately in the list.
Searching is simple, just type in the the search phrase and press return


Halldor Gislason

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