Nisus WorldScript to Iran System HTML Macros

Required Software:

* Nisus Writer

* Arabic Language Kit or Persian version of MacOS

* Free Iran System-compatible font

These macros for Nisus Writer help you to prepare Persian (or Arabic) text
for presentation on the World Wide Web using the Iran System encoding
scheme. Just type up your Persian text and run the WorldScript to Iran
System HTML macro. I copy of your document will be generated in Iran System
format. Additional macros are provided to help with formatting your Persian
web pages.

Iran System is the encoding scheme used by many Persian newspapers to
present their contents on the Web. Using Iran System, your readers need not
have a Persian operating system to read your pages. Free Iran
System-compatible fonts are available on the Internet for Macintosh,
Windows 3.1, and Windows 95. You can download a free MacOS version of an
Iran System font at:

After you have downloaded this macro and installed the Persian font, run
the "About These Macros" macro for full instructions.

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