htmElevation--Web page optimizer for the Macintosh

htmElevation does two things: It enhances the typography of your
web pages, and it substantially optimizes them. The enhancements
include ISO-entity conversion and optional "curly" quote and dash
conversion. These changes may seem impractical, but they will
make your pages look more professional. And converting special
characters to their ISO entities may make the difference between
readable text and gibberish with some browsers.

Why optimize?

No one has to be sold on the practicality of HTML optimization.
Optimized pages store smaller. They transmit smaller and faster.
They are interpreted by Web browsers _much_ faster: Because they
are received by the browser faster, and because there's less
work for the browser to do. The text on a web page processed by
htmElevation snaps onto the screen, giving your users something
to read while the graphics load.

How does it work?

htmElevation parses your HTML, typographically enhancing the text
and optimizing the HTML coding. Your pages will have the same
appearance after processing by htmElevation, but they'll be
faster and better-looking. Your files will be from 2% to 25%
smaller, and the code we're optimizing is code that slows
browsers down. Your pages will transmit faster, and they'll
display _much_ faster.

Why bother?

Because you can have smart quotes and dashes. You can have
ISO-entity conversion so you'll _know_ that your legal and
math symbols and diacritical marks will be readable. You can have
HTML optimization that will make your pages transmit faster and
display _much_ faster. You can have all that in no time with
no effort. If you care about your users, if you care about
quality, if you care about putting your best foot forward--you
need htmElevation.

Try it out...

Run htmElevation on your Web pages and drop them on your browser.
See how much faster they load. See how much more professional
they look. See for yourself at:

Very best,

Greg Swann

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