HTML2XTags v1.0b8

HTML2XTags filters the text portion of an HTML file (ignoring images and MANY
other tags!) into a Quark XPress XTag-formatted tagfile.

Does a simple, version 1.0 job of interpreting italics, bold, center and
demarcations. Leaves image information embedded in the text -- search for
Supports headers and horizontal rules.

Supports font face, color and size. FONT tags may be nested. Writes a
file in InDesign colortable format, after xtags file has been written.

Supports "ISO Latin 1" to Mac character macros -- i.e., the ’ style,
plus all the
codes listed by name in Elizabeth Castro's HTML 4 book, i.e., Á
etc., plus
the sort-of-undocumented   macro for non-breaking space.

Does NOT support frames, tables, lists, indents or CSS. All unsupported
tags are elided.

This program and a few minutes in InDesign are all you need to read
(braindead) HTML
and make (really nice) PDF. Freeware, absolutely "at your risk" and

1.0b8 - fixed a MemError() in the wrong place, harmless but annoying;
distribution now includes source

1.0b7 - previous beta had outdated README file

1.0b6 - supports nested tags; "" now
all content properly; writes RGB colortable (in InDesign format) to
a separate
file, based on and tags. Code
freeze. Next version
if any will be an InDesign plug-in or Quark XPress XTension, or
both, supporting
style sheets (CSS2), but that will not be freeware Smile

1.0b5 - found and fixed a longstanding bug that ate the first tag if it came
immediately after output of the xtag header, i.e., "";
fixed double quote glitch in tag.

1.0b4 - fixed ampersand bug that would eat text if HTML did not use &
and font sizes working properly (although these are W3C
"deprecated" tags!),
font color guesses at an appropriate xtag to replace the RGB
codes, without creating a color table. No tables yet. No HTML 3 or 4,
especially, no CSS. Those are coming. Also, fixed a situation
where an
unmatched would turn italics ON, since the xtag is a
toggle! It
seems that Netscape is really very lenient about bad HTML! Smile

1.0b2 - first version to InfoMac

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