The HTML Tag Companion 1.3 is a free reference to HTML tags, style
sheet tags and style attributes. This version is based on Navigator(tm) v.4
but also works well for Internet Explorer(tm). It is in AppleGuide format so
you can use it with any web page editor. You can search the contents by tag or
parameter name. For example, you can search for all tags that support a
background color. (There are six)

Soon on major Mac ftp sites.

The HTML Tag Companion is not affiliated with Netscape Communications
Corporation or Microsoft Corporation.

System Requirements:
Power Macintosh with Mac OS 7.5 or later and the AppleGuide extension. It
requires about 700 Kb of free RAM in addition to the RAM requirements of
any web authoring applications you may be using.

Paul Carleton

Contact information:
Paul Carleton .
Inclusion on Info-Mac CD-ROM permitted.

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