HTML TagWriter 3.7 - a no-nonsense HTML editor

HTML TagWriter is a HTML editor with all the standard features, plus
some special tools.
The interface features floating palettes which allow easy inserting of
most HTML 4.0 tags. Tags can be edited fast and easily with the
contextual pop-up menus: by ctrl-clicking any tag, you can choose the
desired attributes. There is also full support for Cascading Style
Sheets, with an easy-to-use Style Editor.
Some of the other features are: automatic character set and linefeed
conversion between Mac, Windows and UNIX formats, multiple file search &
replace, text importer & converter, clickmap maker, local image &
link-checker (single file and exhaustive), dynamic embedded files,
tables-of-contents and multi-column tables, and much, much more.
Full documentation is included in HTML format, together with an intro to
HTML, HTML Tips & Tricks, and a Tutorial.

This application is $15 ShareWare and can be registered easily with the
included "Register" application or online at

Requirements: a PowerMac with 2.5 MB free RAM and 3 MB free HD space.
A 68k or FAT version (68030 @16MHz minimum) is also available at the

For more info, the latest version, or 68K/FAT formats, go to

Path: /www/exparrot/

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