Hyperize v2

Hyperize2 is a standalone drag-and-drop application that converts plain
text documents into HTML. Hyperize2 does what is required to duplicate, as
far as practicable, the structure and appearance of your text on a Web

Hyperize2 creates pages, frames, or fragments of HTML code from files that are
dropped on it or opened interactively, or from text on the Clipboard. It
arranges for HTML formatting commands that reproduce your document's structure
in terms of paragraphs, lines, indents and, to some extent, columns. It also
translates characters which are special either to HTML or to the Macintosh into
HTML-acceptable equivalents.

If you've used Hyperize 1.1 before, you'll notice the following new features:
Hyperize2 runs native on a PowerPC.
Hyperize2 can now create whole pages, frames, or fragments of
HTML-encoded text.
Hyperize2 can now read from and/or write to the Clipboard.
Hyperize2 is much smarter than its predecessor about indentation, and
somewhat smarter about columnar layouts.
Hyperize2 has two new formatting options. They concern whether leading
white space on a line is intended to introduce new paragraphs or new
column-aligned list items, and the distance between column stops.
Hyperize2 stores its default preferences in a preferences file, and
allows the user to create secondary settings files for particular types
of task, such as hyperizing justified text fragments or whole program
listings. These files can be opened from within the application or
double-clicked to launch the application with their settings.
Hyperize2 lets you browse for documents and applications when setting
the File Creator for its output files. It also allows you to choose an
output file name and location that's different from the default.
Hyperize2 works on any type of Macintosh with System 7 or later. It can run in
about 128Kb of memory, in which any number of files of any size can be
processed. Operations involving the Clipboard require more, according to
the size of its contents.
The (fat binary) application itself is about 64k.
Freeware. Feedback is appreciated.

Dr Jason Johnston
fax: +61 2 9519 6184

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