map2html 0.1b2 -- a perl imagemap utility

map2HTML is a utility for quickly converting NCSA server image maps into
client-side maps, suitable for pasting into web pages.

To use, simply drop a text file containing the image map data onto
map2HTML's icon. The map will be read, and converted into HTML tags,
which will be written to a file,
in the same folder as the original NCSA map. map2HTML was written
specifically for use with Rowland Smith's WebMap, though it should work
without problems with any maps in NCSA format.

In addition to the standalone application, a filter is included for users
of the Alpha text editor and MacPerl - simply drop in your text
filters folder: it is designed to work with any version of Alpha or Alpha
Lite which uses tab stops in HTML mode.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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