Borked iBook G4 adapter...

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Borked iBook G4 adapter...

So Wallstreet bought a video adapter for his iBook to show the output on a TV screen. He has a 600, and the adapter is the one for the newer iBooks (like the G4). So it didn't work, and he gave it to me to try with my G4 iBook. If I plug it into my 'book, the screen flashes like there's a new monitor, but there is no output. I've tried it on multiple TVs (of the JVC and Sharp variety) with both S-Video and composite out. I've plugged it in while the iBook was on, off, restarting, and vice versa. It just doesn't work.

Any ideas on what's going on???

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You probably have to go to the Display control panel and change the resolution to '800x600 (NTSC)' or something along those lines.

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press and hold the FN key the

press and hold the FN key then press F8. keep pressing till you see the picture on the tv

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