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PageSucker (Version 2.0 - 10th November, 1998)

PageSucker is a small utility that allows entire Web page hierarchies to be
downloaded automatically. The pages will thereby be modified in such a way
that they can then be viewed off-line (even after copying them to a CD-ROM
or the like). Version 2.0 - lots of new features, better user interface,
easy to launch on Mac and Windows. Main Features:

- Strong URL filters to restrict the downloads to only the desired files.
- Automatic rebuilding of the server's file system hierarchy on the client
- Option to download only pages up to a certain recursion depth.
- Multithreaded. More than one connection to a server can be opened at a time.
- The names of the downloaded files are adapted to the local filesystem.
- Written entirely in Java. There's a Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT version.

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