Pizzeria 1.1 - a java/pizza development environment

version 1.1, PPC
release date: 26-06-98
(c) 1997-1998 by Matthias Zenger

Pizzeria is a free Pizza and Java integrated development environment
for MacOS. Pizza is a superset of the Java programming language.
Regarding Java, Pizza incorporates three important new features:

* Parametric polymorphism
* First-class functions
* Class cases and pattern matching

Pizza programs are compiled to ordinary Java classfiles that can be
executed using every existing Java Virtual Machine.

Pizzeria consists of a text editor, a Pizza/Java compiler and a
classfile executor. It allows you to run Java applications within
the development environment. You can define every Java application
as a plug-in tool for Pizzeria. So it is possible to use javac for
example together with Pizzeria.

Pizzeria runs on top of Apple's MacOS Runtime for Java MRJ 2.0.
So it's possible to create stand-alone MacOS Java and Pizza
applications with JBindery.

Pizzeria is distributed as freeware.

Pizzeria web page:

-- Matthias Zenger
-- e-mail: matthias.zenger@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
-- web: http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~un0k

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