Collect HTML 1.3.5 - XTension by Kris Coppieters.

Portions Copyrighted 1988-1994 Quark, Inc. All Rights reserved.

Change history, pricing, and complete contact info near the end of the Read me.

* What is it ? *

Collect HTML is an XTension for XPress 3.1 or higher that allows you to convert
text from Quark pages into HTML format.

- Styles can be converted into HTML pre- and suffixes.
- Collect creates interlaced GIF, JPEG or PICT previews from Quark pages or from
text or picture boxes.
- You can put links to local or remote URL's on selected text from within Quark;
these links are stored within the Quark document for subsequent collections.

Collect is not well suited to convert complete Quark pages; it better for
'clipping' articles from large pages (e.g. a newspaper) for Web publication.

HTML is not as rich in features as Quark is, so do not expect a WYSIWIG
behaviour in HTML. Collect just tries to help you to create good-looking HTML
documents from Quark pages.

The demo version time limited in a few ways: it is usable until December
31,1996, and each time disables itself 5 minutes after startup of Quark. The
demo version also has the GIF support removed.

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