Printools XT 2.0

Printools is an XTension for QuarkXPress 4.1 that adds new features to the
Print dialog and enhances existing ones.

Printools is designed to make the printing process easier, more productive
and enjoyable -- whether if it's to a large imagesetter or an inkjet

Top features:

* Interactive Live Preview: Printools adds a real preview pane to the
Print dialog, which stays always open and gives you immediate visual
feedback of the way your page/spread will look when printed. It displays
actual page contents, page marks, flipping, negative printing, scaling,
portrait or landscape orientation and more.

* Optional full-screen print preview.

* Interactive manual tiling: allows tiling by dragging the mouse right in
the preview pane.

* Preflight: detects common problems (RGB images, text overflow, missing
fonts, low-res pictures, etc.).

* Batch print any number of documents with the same output settings
(including PostScript files).

* Print Styles: create and redefine print styles right from the Print

* Rename output file without changing the name of the actual document.

* Print selected items of the page or spread.

* Print usage reports -- color, picture, font and style sheets.

* Additional page slug tags, including owner and machine name, line
screen, emulsion, editing time, revision, and any custom text.

* Can add a page border during the output stage.

* The number of pages and page range values are *retained* after you
print or capture settings.

* Selected Printer is displayed in the Print window

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