ARTIS Screen Tools 2.0

The ARTIS Screen Tools 2.0 are a collection of four utilities, useful for
everyone who is designing visual content for on-screen use, like website
developers, graphic designers, and photographers.

The ARTIS Screen Tools include:

* ARTIS Screen Ruler - Screen Ruler is a desktop utility displaying
translucent rulers on top of all your windows on your screen. The rulers
measure in pixels, inches, and centimeters, have no window shadow, may be
translucent, and float on display the mouse coordinates relative to the
ruler origins.

* ARTIS Small Screen - Small Screen displays the size of small screens on
you desktop. This is useful to evaluate your design on smaller screen sizes
while working on a large screen. This classic tool for web designers is
finally available for Mac OS X now.

* ARTIS Screen Loupe - Screen Loupe is a desktop utility that displays a
magnified view of whatever is underneath your mouse cursor. It allows to
measure the color of the pixel underneath the mouse pointer and copy it in
HTML and other formats to the clipboard. Additionally it has a "move away
from mouse" option to be newer in your way.

* ARTIS Screen Guides - Screen Guides displays visual guide lines on your
desktop. This helps aligning objects in all applications that don't offer
guides. The guides may be repeated to create a grid.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or better


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