BabyaSystem2004_12.01_macosx.hqx (12.01.234) submission details

Name Babya System 2004 (Mac OS X)

Babya System 2004, is a shell replacement, advances Babya System
dramatically with its new innovative Babya application logging,
innovative screen capture seamsly integrated with a clipboard clear
function, ability to change various colors via standard dialogs, its new
control panel realigned to focus on system configuration. The new
Desktop background gradient function can be combined with the color
picker for cool effects. Discoverer now
at version 5.0 now lets you customize the interface colors.The new font
and printer profiler is a productivity boon, and the miniapps suite and
two calculators combined with the able Constellation word processor
result in a slimline total productivity suite. This version is a special
version for those with Virtual PC or other virtual machine
software-ideal for PC users who have switched to the Mac, who want a
shell replacement while in an emulated VPC/Bochs Windows
session.Freeware-Mac OS X 10.15 and up, VirtualPC or BOCHS,also
supported on WINE on a PPC Linux system.

Author:Babya Software Group
Directory: User Interface (gui)

Path: /www/exparrot/

File babya-system-1201.hqx1.22 MB