Calculate Size CMM Plug-in 1.2 and 1.2J

Calculate Size CMM Plug-in is the MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Plug-in
that makes it easy to calculate the total size of the selected
items (files and/or folders).

It has been difficult to calculate the total size of the multiple
folders and files without using special utility program. Now, with
Calculate Size CMM Plug-in, it's just a simple Control+Click from
the Finder.

< Features >

* It can calculate the total size of selected folders and files.
* It can include invisible files (such as folder's custom icon) for
the calculation. You can get more precise size than Finder's
"Get Info" dialog.
* It can display the progress information while calculating.
* You can cancel the operation any time during the calculation.
* By setting the progress information display mode to OFF, it can
performe high speed calculation.

- What's new with v1.2 -

The new version now uses 64-bit for the internal calculation so that
it can handle large size volume. Also it has added some new features
like 'Expand Mode' for more detail information.

- Mailware -

System Requirements:
* OS: MacOS 8
* Hardware: PowerMac
* Software: Contextual Menu Extension, SOM Objects for Mac OS

For more information, please read the documents enclosed.

by Hide Itoh

Path: /www/exparrot/

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