FinderViewContextMenu 1.0.3 - US

FinderViewContextMenu 1.0.3 - US (English language release)

The FinderViewContextMenu is a contextual menu plug-in for Mac OS 8 that
saves and applies complete view characteristics of Finder windows with just
one simple control-click.

Normally you would have to choose the view type from a menu (icon, list or
button) and then open a dialog window to set the according view
characteristics for the choosen type. With the help of the
FinderViewContextMenu this lenghty process is reduced to a simple
control-click in the according window to choose from your previously
recorded favorite view settings.

This popular shareware title is available in English, Japanese, German,
French and Korean. System requirements are PowerPC and Mac OS 8.

More about the FinderViewContextMenu at

The file "finderview-cm-103-us.sit" replaces "finderview-cm-102.sit"

Path: /www/exparrot/

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