More File Info CMM Plug-in 2.2

Have you ever thought these thoughts?

* "I wish I could see the type and creator of a file easily."
* "I wish I could change the type and creator of multiple files easily."
* "I wish I could know the pure image size of a graphic file such as JPEG,
GIF..., the size that does not include any resource data like thumbnail
* "I wish I could get the information on the graphic files, or wanted to
view them quickly."
* "It's a bit troublesome to open and close the 'Get Info' dialog to see
the infomation of a file."
* "I wish I could change the lock status of multiple files easily."
* "I wish I could know the size of a big file in KB or MB rather than
lengthy byte size."
* "I wish I could restore the original memory requirements for an
application that you have already changed before."
* "I wish I could play the QuickTime movie right from the Finder without
starting Movie player."

More File Info CMM Plug-in is the MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Plug-in that
realize such things. Main feature of this plug-in is to show the detailed
information on the selected file to the contextual menu. However, it also
allow users to set or change the following settings.

* File's Type and Creator
* FIle's lock status (ON/OFF)
* Memory requirements for an application program
* File's creation and modification date
* Zap file's resource fork

- What's new with v2.2 -

v2.2 has added the following new features:

* Capability of changing file's creation/modification date
* Capability of zapping file's resource fork
* Three new functions are added to the view image window
(1) Copy image to the clipboard
(2) Save image as a PICT file
(3) Move image to the trash

- Shareware ($10) -

System Requirements:
* OS: MacOS 8
* Hardware: PowerMac
* Software: Contextual Menu Extension, SOM Objects for Mac OS

For more information, please read the documents enclosed.

by Hide Itoh

Path: /www/exparrot/

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