Neatnik 2.0.3

Neatnik neatens up your Mac Finder desktop by setting the location, size and
"View" characteristics of folder windows. These characteristics can all be set
by hand, of course, but Neatnik allows you to batch-process the contents of a
folder (including all levels of enclosed folders), or an entire disk.

For Mac OS 8.x users, Neatnik can set _all_ of the "View" characteristics of
each folder it processes. This includes such things as whether "Keep arranged
by..." or "Always snap to grid" is set, which column headings are included in
list views, the Icon size, and so on.

Neatnik works on three basic sets of folder window properties: location, size
and "View" characteristics. You can choose to change any or all of these

Folder window location:
The folder window locations can be set to offset from their "parent"
(containing) folder's location, so that successive levels of folders will open
to "cascading", successively-offset locations on your desktop.

Folder window size:
Folder windows can be sized in any of three ways: given the same size as their
parent folder, set to their "zoomed" size, or set to their "zoomed" height and
given their parent window's width.

Folder window "View" characteristics:
This is the aspect of Neatnik that will be most useful to Mac OS 8.x users. As
noted above, with Neatnik you can set all the View characteristics for a batch
of windows at once, rather than having to painstakingly set them one window at
a time, or being constrained to the single set of "Standard Views" that Mac OS
8.5 allows.

In addition to lovers of neatness in general, certain other groups of users
will also find Neatnik particularly valuable.
Those whose work involves a great deal of folder-navigation -- perhaps on
disks received from other users -- will find Neatnik an indispensable tool for
keeping things... well... neat!
Producers of CD-ROM and other on-disk publications can use Neatnik to process
the master copy of their disks before duplication, to ensure that the disk's
folders will open in orderly and predictable locations on the end user's

Neatnik is an application. It does not install any System extensions or
"patch" the system in any way. Because it is a standard Mac application,
rather than a simple compiled AppleScript, it has a sophisticated and elegant
user interface for setting its various preferences.

Neatnik was programmed by Karl Bunker and designed by Ted Van Duyn and Karl

Neatnik requires the scriptable Finder, which is part of System 7.5 and later.

This is version 2.0.3 of Neatnik. This version is compatible with Mac OS 8.5
and uses Navigation Services under Mac OS 8.5 and later.

Shareware; $10.00

Path: /www/exparrot/

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