SnapTop Pro 1.0

SnapTop Pro from Software has been released. SnapTop Pro is a
unique Macintosh utility that will boost your productivity and enhance your
overall enjoyment of your Macintosh. What SnapTop Pro does is simple... It
allows the user easy and instant access to his/her desktop from any
application. You often work with many applications at one time, and
switching back and forth and hiding applications to be able to view and use
items on your desktop and/or in the Finder is a drag (to say the least)...
SnapTop Pro fixes that! It offers easy, customizable key combinations that
instantly snap to your desktop and hide open applications (hide, not close).
Snapping back is as simple as another key stroke. And there is even an
option for snapping to the desktop and closing all Finder windows for
instant access directly to the root of your desktop.

SnapTop Pro is a completely redesigned version of the popular SnapTop
utility. The Pro version is completely PowerPC optimized and offers dramatic
speed improvements, better customization, SnapTop Turbo for response
control, and much more.

SnapTop Pro is only US $8.99 shareware. It comes with a complete,
cripple-free 10-day demo. SnapTop Pro offers speed, power, and features that
will excite any Mac user who wants an easier, more productive Mac
experience. (SnapTop v1.5 is still available for 68K and low-end users.)

You can download SnapTop Pro now at the web site below. Information and
links are also posted on the SnapTop web page. The site is located at Thank you for your continued support!

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