Startup Chooser 1.0 ppc

Startup Chooser adds even more power to the Startup Items. Say You turn
your Mac on to print a text that You have written. If You have Netscape,
CyberStudio, Eudora and ClarisWorks as Startup items, You'll have to wait
one-and-a-half hour for all these apps to load. With Startup Chooser, You
can select just the Startup Items You need at the moment.

Startup Chooser lets You create "sets" of startup items - You can, for
example, have one set for Surfing the web (Netscape, Eudora, Fetch), one
for designing web pages (CyberStudio, HTML color, ImageMapper, Graphic
Converter), one for programming (REALbasic, BBEdit, ResEdit) and so on.

You can save the Startup Sets as files, which when double-clicked opens all
the programs in the Startup Set. If You, to continue the recent example,
have printed Your text, and now want to surf the web, just double-click the
"Surfing The Web Startup set" file, and the files of that set will be

Fabian Lidman

Path: /www/exparrot/

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